Settling into September

After a record heat streak to start the month, temperatures have tumbled back to reality today and will stay closer to “normal” for the foreseeable future. The overcast sky we’ve seen the majority of our Wednesday will start to slowly break through the day Thursday. I don’t expect we’ll see a clear blue sky right away Thursday morning, but clouds will decrease through the day. Temperatures will remain on the cool side through Thursday as well.

We’re back to a more comfortable warmth from Friday through the weekend, and highs will run about 5 degrees above average this Saturday. We may see a few showers from Saturday night through Sunday, but it won’t be a washout of the weekend and rainfall amounts should remain on the very light side. Low drama weather and generally dry conditions will continue through the first half of next week. While it’s a lot more comfortable now, we still don’t have any soaking rain coming our way through the forecast period.