Rain, Snow, and Impacts Expected Thursday

We will be entering an Alert Day later in the day Thursday. We start out with rainfall around 1/4″, but quickly switch to snow as temperatures cool off. Snowfall totals are highly variable, with most communities anywhere between 1-5″. The highest accumulations are expected north of the border around communities along I-35. Even higher accumulations and bigger impacts are expected farther west.

Blowing snow will limit visibility both during the snowfall and even early Friday morning after snow stops falling. Another reason for the Alert Day is the timing of all of this. We will be seeing the peak of these impacts during the evening commute Thursday night where there are more cars on the roads.

Temperatures will also drop quick, 1-2°F per hour into Friday morning. Expect ice on the morning commute in several spots. The rainfall we get will only add to this issue.

Conditions should improve by the time many have their St. Patrick’s Day plans later in the day Friday.