Quiet Stretch Continues

Monday will be ending as beautiful as it’s been throughout the day!! A lack of cloud cover into the overnight will help us cool back off into the low-60s overnight before we’re back into the mid-80s on Tuesday. Skies become partly cloudy for most of the rest of the week.

Rain opportunities remain limited. A couple isolated thundershowers cannot be ruled out Tuesday. If anyone sees them, they would take place around the Highway 14 corridor. Although odds are that we stay dry heading into the weekend. Once there, we have rain in the forecast the majority of the weekend while also not having severe weather. If your flowers and crops need rain (which we pretty much all do) this is your opportunity.

Air quality has been healthy for the majority of the past week. Despite air quality alerts north of us heading into Tuesday, smoke is not expected to impact us like it is by the Minnesota/Canada border. We could see some moderate air quality during the middle of the week due to ground-level ozone, but that would be the worst it gets.

We’ll get up into the mid to upper-80s by the middle of the week, but it won’t feel nearly as hot as what we experienced that time last week with less humidity to work with.