Potent storms first, followed by snow/wind

A lot to unpack in the scenario from Friday afternoon into early Saturday morning. We’re carrying Alert Day status for possible severe t-storms south of I90 during the afternoon and following it up with snow/wind north of the state line after dark.

A warm front looks to lift to about the Albert Lea to Rochester line. East of I35 is active. Damaging wind at tornado potential look robust from individual cells that fire initially along warm front just north of the MN/IA border front and trailing down cold front to the south. Storms should tend to form a squall line with time but think spin-up tornadoes along it will be a thing. Hail probably isn’t accounted for as high as I think it could be with a ‘cool’ early season setup. Storms fire after 2PM and race northeast.

Temps will range wildly on Friday afternoon with readings seeing 45° to 70° over about a 20 mile difference. Coldest readings will be north

Thinking we’ll also pick up a few inches of snow especially on the Minnesota side of the border. The wind will be stout. N wind gusts to 40 mph possible. Probably looking at travel impacts from 10PM on into Saturday morning as a result. Amounts are still a bit hazy with snow. The higher end amounts look to stay outside our area. Totals will range from a dusting south of US 18 to as much as 4-5″ north of US 14.