On/Off waves of rain

Several waves of rain are possible in the Friday-Sunday stretch. Let’s get a few more details surrounding the first couple windows as they move through.

Our first will be a decaying band of showers and isolated t-storms that will be weakening as this activity moves into our area from the west. Friday morning to about mid-day is the best opportunity for this.

Redevelopment will take place after dark, mainly after midnight early Saturday morning.

Most of Saturday is quiet. Saturday evening into the overnight will bring the best opportunity for widespread coverage of rain. It is also this timeframe where we’ll run a risk of a strong storm, though parameters still do not hint at widespread potent thunderstorms.

As rain continues into Sunday, we’re looking at a range of 1/2″ to 1 1/4″ of rain across our area. Even though we have several chances, we’ll tally up the rain very slowly over the three day stretch.