Needed Rain Moves In This Weekend

We are going to be dealing with another warm, sunny, but dry day throughout the Weather First Area today. Highs are back in the upper 80s to the lower 90s, with poor air quality once again, due to the higher concentration of the low-level ozone in our atmosphere.

However, things are changing over the weekend, as a slow-moving cold front brings in much-needed rain throughout the weekend. The front will be arriving later Saturday evening, however we may see a few early-day storms fire up shortly after the noon hour. This first storm chance will be watched closely as it could do one of two things: First, these storms could be more individual, and strong, possibly upping a hail potential early in the day. Second, should these strong storms fire up, it could stabilize our atmosphere for the evening, lowering the second half severe threat, which is primarily damaging wind.

The latest model trends continue to show the second half storms remaining pretty strong, but it’s a scenario the Weather First Team will be tracking closely. And on top of those threats, heavy rain will be likely at times, which will come as relief following the large expansion of the drought conditions throughout the Upper Midwest, including parts of the Weather First Area. The model trends are showing signs of well over an inch, possibly up to two inches of total rainfall from Saturday afternoon – early Monday morning.