Just How Dry Was Summer 2023?

Well… pretty dry!!

To put it another way, it’s the fourth driest period of June through August ever, according to measurements from Rochester International Airport!!

Both July and August were well below average for rainfall. We got 2.18″ in July (29th driest July) and 1.51″ in August (12th driest August). July 22nd saved us big time, as it was the only day all Summer we saw above 1″ recorded within a day (1.04″ was measured). Without this day, it would be the 10th driest July and the second driest Summer overall).

However, June is where we saw the most damage to our drought conditions. Following a two-week period of no rain to round out May, it continued into what is supposed to be our rainiest month of the year. We only got 1.34″ of rain in June, making it the 6th driest June ever at RST.

On top of all of that, our average rainfall in the month of June ALONE is 5.35″; ALL SUMMER, we got 5.03″.

With not a lot of rain opportunities to start September, the dry trend continues.