Isolated T-Storms early Saturday, Warmth continues

After a few showers raced through late Friday morning up along Highway 14, we will be clearing up Friday afternoon and evening and warming up. Highs top out in the low to mid-80s.

Overnight, clouds come back. We could also see a few thundershowers pass through Saturday morning. If they do, they would pass most likely along Highway 14 and potentially as south as I-90. Although, we only have about a 30% of these storms taking place. Most storms will remain north of us. Clouds will clear back out again, and we are mostly clear to partly cloudy by Saturday evening. Highs are expected to be in the mid to upper-80s. Although, if clouds clear faster, we could see 90s in some communities.

We will be staying warm the rest of the weekend with highs SLOWLY cooling off, a degree or two each day, until Tuesday before scattered showers and a cold front come through Wednesday. After that, we feel much more like Fall again.