Isolated Storms This Evening, Potentially Strong or Severe

Wednesday starts out warmer than we have been the past couple mornings. We’re in the low-60s and upper-50s out the door. Temperatures this afternoon are in the low to mid-80s across all communities.

Unlike the past couple days, we could actually see some rain in some communities. Isolated showers are possible during the early hours through about sunrise. Then more isolated storms become possible during the afternoon and evening hours.

Although most of us will stay dry by the time Wednesday is over, those who get storms this afternoon could see strong or severe weather take place. Hail and high winds are the primary threats. We are all in a slight risk (2/5) for storms to be severe. The timeframe to watch closely is about 7-11 PM. A few cells that develop will have some sizeable downpours at times. Although, once again, you are more likely to stay dry than see these storms. A few warnings could be issued related to hail or high winds, but widespread damage is not expected.

After Wednesday, it’s business as usual. Temperatures remain in the upper-70s and low-80s for highs with slightly warmer temperatures everyday heading into next week, where we return to low-90s.