Isolated Storms Before The Heat

For the rest of Monday, we could see a couple isolated thunderstorms take place. The best opportunity for these storms is around Highway 52 & Highway 63. Similar to Saturday night, these storms could also be strong or even severe due to hail or high winds. Rain chances will be done by 10 PM.

Wednesday and Thursday are still projected to be the hottest days of the week, with heat index values in the upper-90s for most of us on Wednesday and in triple digits on Thursday. You will have to take breaks and drink plenty of water if doing any outdoor activities or having any outdoor events.

Other rain chances include late Tuesday into early Wednesday as well as late Thursday. The former will see most of the rain miss further north, but a few of us do look to catch the northern edge of that cluster of storms. In the latter case, there is another possibility that these storms could be strong or severe with all threats possible. It’s also possible that the heat from Thursday could work to stabilize our atmosphere, making it more difficult for storms to take place. We’ll know more as we get closer.