Hottest Part of the Week Ahead

The rest of Tuesday remains warm, but comfortable for the warmth we are in.

Just like last week, Wednesday and Thursday are going to be the hottest days of the week. Temperatures get up into the mid to upper-80s the next couple days. Dew points are still not going to reach what they did last week; the heat index is expected to top off in the low-90s both of the next couple days.

Rain chances are still slim to none until the weekend. Our only chance before then is Wednesday evening. If we manage to get an isolated shower, Minnesotans would be more likely to see it than Iowans. Although, it’s more likely these storms stay north of us entirely.

Showers and storms over the weekend are expected to be scattered, and severe weather is not expected at this time. If you need to get out and get the flowers and crops taken care of, this would be the best opportunity in awhile.