Heat warnings continue through Thursday

As we are currently hitting the peak of our heatwave, I think we can all agree we’ve had just about enough of it. Temperatures area-wide have been hitting 100° or have been awfully close, and the heat index has once again made it above 110° for just about all of us as well. While Thursday won’t be quite as hot for most of us, the heat index will still be reaching the 100-110° range in the early to mid-afternoon. Excessive Heat Warnings and Heat Advisories are still in place through Thursday, then we’re in for some welcome relief this weekend.

Overnight lows will be well above average again tonight into Thursday morning, and may again set records for the warmest low temperatures for August 24th. On that note, some locations will set record highs Wednesday afternoon to early evening, especially with so many 100°+ high temperatures.

We can look forward to daytime highs in the 70s this weekend, and even though next week’s temperatures will climb back into the 80s it won’t be the sweltering heat we’re feeling this week. Unfortunately, there is little to no opportunity for rain in the foreseeable future.