Heat Still on the Horizon

We’re still gearing up for a hot week ahead where temperatures will be up to 90°F and above for highs almost the whole week. Monday will be the lone day where we don’t break the 90s, but we’re still in the upper-80s.

For rain, we have some isolated storms possible Monday and Tuesday. The best chance is looking to be around I-35 and west. There is a marginal risk (1/5) for severe weather on Monday during midday, but I would not count on severe storms taking place in the same way as what we saw Saturday evening in southeast Minnesota. If we did see severe weather, hail would once again be the primary threat. A couple isolated storms are also possible Tuesday, but there is no severe threat here either.

Wednesday and Thursday are the biggest days to watch in the forecast with highs in the mid to upper-90s. The heat index is looking to top 100°F on, at the very least Thursday, potentially both days. An Alert Day could be added here in the future due to the heat.

Storms are possible once again Thursday evening. These also have the potential to be strong or severe due to high winds or large hail. We will know more about these though as we get closer to Thursday.