Gusty and warmer into Wednesday

After a cool start to our Tuesday, temperatures have made their way back to more seasonable levels, topping out in the upper 70s Tuesday afternoon. With one exception, we’re in for a warming trend over the next 7-10 days. That once exception will be Thursday as highs stay in the 70s behind a cold front. Speaking of that cold front, it will provide the focus for a few thunderstorms Wednesday evening into very early Thursday morning. The big question mark for us is whether or not those storms develop in southeast Minnesota. The better setup for thunderstorms is to our north, but we may see one or two of them make it close to I-90. Sorry Iowa, it looks like you’ll be left out of any thunderstorm activity Wednesday night.

From Friday through the weekend and into next week, a strong ridge of high pressure will be dominating the weather picture. For us, that means increasing heat and potentially the warmest days of this summer so far with the potential of our first 90 degree highs of the season so far. The ridge will likely suppress any thunderstorm possibility, but a few, stray nighttime thunderstorms can’t be totally ruled out.