Clouds Come Back Soon, But Still Warmer

Good news, the single digits and sub-zero wind chills from over the weekend are a distant memory and it will remain that way. Bad news, it won’t be sunny forever.

Clouds move in overnight and temperatures drop into the upper-20s out the door for the Tuesday morning commute. Skies remain overcast Tuesday.

Over the next few days, we have two rounds of precipitation that are looking to move through our area. The first is late Tuesday into early Wednesday and will be predominantly rain. The second round will be a rain/snow mix with more snow as the night goes along. Impacts are expected to be minor here, and accumulations will be light to none due to the stretch of 40s we have leading up to the rain/snow mix.

Temperatures will remain in the 40s for highs this whole week with the exception on Thursday, but we’re still in the mid to upper-30s on that day.