Beautifully bright Wednesday, then a soaker to finish the week

Even with a touch of breeze here this Tuesday, full sunshine has made for a nice, mild day. The wind will back off tonight and the sky will remain clear, which is the perfect combination for some fall frost early Wednesday. After a chilly start to the day, we’re in for more of a Goldilocks afternoon Wednesday with temperatures topping out in the upper 50s to about 60 degrees and a light wind. Beyond Thursday, things will be changing up again. If you’ve got some extra time after work today and Wednesday, take advantage of it to get some of those outdoor chores done. Some would say it’s a perfect opportunity to finally clean out those gutters before the next round of rain.

Speaking of rain, there is a large and slow-moving storm system that will begin to affect a big chunk of the Midwest beginning late Wednesday night and it will stick around until Saturday. Between the time rain moves in Thursday and comes to an end Saturday, some of us may receive well more than an inch of rain. There are some indications of a couple inches or more. This rain is going to come with cool air and a strong breeze from Thursday through Saturday, making for a few days of discomfort if you’re spending a lot of time outdoors.

At this time it is very questionable whether the sky will clear out Saturday for us to get a glimpse of the annular solar eclipse.