ALERT DAYS: Biggest Heat Wave of 2023

We are still on track for the hottest temperatures and highest heat indices of the year in southeast Minnesota and northeast Iowa. Heat indices will top 100°F on Tuesday and Wednesday with ease for all communities and also on Monday and Thursday for parts of our area (northern Iowans most likely).

Alert Days have been added for Monday through Wednesday so far since these are the days where the heat is most likely to impact people. Although, Thursday could soon be added depending on when we start to get relief (whether it’s later Thursday or early Friday).

Clouds are going to stay out of our area for the most part, and winds out of the southwest throughout this period are only going to continue to transport hot air towards us. It will be even hotter down in cities such as Omaha, Kansas City, and St. Louis.

Relief comes later this week after a cold front moves through. We drop back into the 80s on Friday.

If you found yourself having problems with outdoor activities from the on and off heat over the past couple weeks, then you will have even more trouble this week.