A Somewhat Snowy Sunday

After some rain takes place later in the day Saturday, we transition to snow early on Sunday. The highest accumulations are expected to take place east of our area entirely. Although, we could still see up to 2-3″ of snow locally, with the highest totals coming north of the border and near Lake Mills. Elevated surfaces are expected to see the bulk of the accumulations. Roads are less likely to see accumulations due to how warm we have been over the past week or so. We even broke records for temperatures on Wednesday.

The bigger threat locally will be some very gusty winds. This is going to cause snow to blow around easily, as they could gust as high as 40-50 MPH locally. As such, roads will get slick at times and visibility will be reduced. These issues will be at their greatest later in the day Sunday when the winds and snowfall are at their strongest and greatest respectfully.

The snow will melt over the next couple days heading into the work week.