A much welcome change of pace this weekend

We’re going from record heat this past week to a beautiful, seasonably warm and less humid weekend. The only variable we’re missing for a perfect weekend would be a nice, soaking rain, but that’s not in the cards for quite awhile by the looks of things. For now, we can enjoy temperatures topping out in the 70s this weekend, and overnight lows making their way down to the 50s Saturday night into Sunday morning. There are even indications that some locations will cool down to the 40s early Sunday.

It’s not out of the question that some of us could see an isolated shower or thunderstorm pop up this (Friday) evening in southeast Minnesota as a front pushes through the region. The chance is very low, less than 10%, but it’s not zero. So at least there’s a chance. Aside from that, less humid air for the weekend and a quiet jet stream pattern will squash rain opportunities.

Temperatures will remain warm, but pretty close to normal for this time of the year, through next week.