A Few Storms Wednesday Night, then Smoky Thursday

A front will be pushing through the region Wednesday night and will be the focus for a few thunderstorms. Not all of us will see rain, it will be brief for those who do, and there is a slight chance we may have a strong to severe storm in the mix. Behind tonight’s front, temperatures are going to be cooling off for Thursday. Thanks to the cooler Canadian air, we’re also in for some smoky haze Thursday, especially around Noon and later.

Smoky haze should stick around into Friday morning before dispersing a bit. There is a warmup on the way this weekend, starting to kick into gear Saturday. Before we get there, Friday’s highs will be seasonably warm to slightly above average. This weekend’s highs have the potential to hit and exceed 90°, which would be the first time this summer, at least at the Rochester airport.

Unfortunately, the large ridge of high pressure leading to above average warmth will also suppress thunderstorm activity through next week as well.