A cool, windy rain lasting into the weekend

Rain has made its way into the region and will be sticking around for awhile. The large, slow-moving storm system will bring heavier rain Thursday night before that rain starts to taper off slightly during the day Friday. Winds will also be their strongest overnight Thursday to early Friday morning. We expect there to be rain at Friday night’s football games, but the wind will begin to relax slightly Friday evening. It will still be gusty, but those wind gusts will be closer to 20-25mph instead of 40mph.

The storm system will begin to move east of us this weekend, although rain will linger Saturday morning. Showers will remain likely until around Noon Saturday and clouds will stick around through at least Sunday morning. We should see a little bit of sunshine late in the weekend, just starting to break through the clouds by the mid-afternoon Sunday.

Once this blustery rainmaker gets out of here late this weekend, we’re still in for similar temperatures early next week. Highs will run slightly below normal for mid-October, topping out in the low 50s until the middle of next week when it should turn a little warmer.