Hayfield Community Schools Multi-Million Dollar Renovation Project Nearing Completion

July 14, 2019 11:04 PM

(ABC 6 News)-- According to the Hayfield Community Schools Superintendent, Gregg Slaathaug, a 67-percent clip of the community approved renovations for Hayfield Community Schools.

"When they want to make any upgrades to this place we're 100 percent for it because my opinion is if you don't have a school you don't have a community," said Chris Nelson, a father of triplets who says he grew up in this community.


The approved two-year remodeling project was funded nearly the 24 million dollars needed to upgrade the school.  Covering simple tasks like fresh coats of paint, to more advanced renovations that included expanded classrooms and floor work.

"We fixed all of the ripples in the floor that we had, all of the problems especially down that hallway that we've been incurring for the last few years," said Slaathaug. 

Other additions included a proactive safety measure that doesn't allow easy access to the campus. Though Slaathaug states that the community itself is safe and the safety of the school isn't a huge concern, he adds that to maintain that security - the remodeling will include more secure entry procedures.

"Before we had this you'd simply just walk in the door and you're in the school. So you can not get in the school now until you come in three different doors of which you have to be buzzed in," said Slaathaug.

Some parents say the school is receiving much-needed curb appeal, but the most important upgrades involved the learning atmosphere for the children.

"It's a lot more comfortable for the kids to learn in and it's very exciting for us to see this place kind of transform and them going kind of over and above to make this place even better," said Nelson, but others believe air quality trumps that.

"Even though we can look around at the additions we've been able to make, probably the most important thing that we're able to bring into the school is clean air cycled through dehumidification and just fresh air for the students to breathe," said Slaathaug.

Officials say that within the next five weeks renovations should wrap up just in time for the students to walk through the new school year- in their new and improved school the first week of September.


Jaclyn Harold

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