Mayo Clinic Doctor shares proper mask etiquette |

Mayo Clinic Doctor shares proper mask etiquette

Jaclyn Harold
Updated: August 31, 2020 06:09 PM
Created: August 31, 2020 06:03 PM

(ABC 6 News)-- There's no telling how long masks will be a part of our daily lives, but health officials shared a reminder of how people should be wearing them for the time being.

Since masks have been mandated in the state of Minnesota most people have complied. However, infectious disease Doctor Adi Shah with Mayo Clinic said there are a few mask-wearing habits he's noticed that concern him.

"If I happen to speak with somebody loudly or laugh loudly or sneeze or cough there's a minimal to no chance that if I'm wearing something that covers the nose or mouth that I may transport it to somebody else," said Shah. 

Multiple health experts have admitted that wearing masks don't necessarily protect the individual wearing it from getting COVID, but it prevents the person wearing it from potentially spreading it to others. 

"This is a time to be not individualistic but to adopt a more community feel to this pandemic," said Shah.

When wearing a mask or face covering it needs to securely cover your nose, mouth, the sides of your face, and under your chin. For people wearing glasses, Dr. Shah suggested taping down the part of the mask on the bridge of your nose. He said the more secure the mask is, the less moisture will escape. 

Masks and mandates have become a controversial topic across the country. Health officials said the fact of the matter is masks work, and they're one of our most important lines of defense when it comes to COVID. 

He added that it is going to take a universal effort to mitigate the spread of COVID, and it starts with properly wearing masks. 

"Only then we will be able to you know fight it off until we hopefully have a vaccine soon," said Shah.

Social distance, frequently washing your hands, and not touching your nose, mouth, and eyes are all equally important in the fight against the pandemic.

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