Community reacts to restaurant restrictions

Devin Martin
Created: November 20, 2020 11:08 PM

(ABC 6 News) - Friday night at midnight is when the new Minnesota COVID-19 restrictions kick in. No indoor dining, takeout only. Gyms are closing and no big gatherings in your home, even with family. 

These restrictions are supposed to last four weeks, if not, they could go longer. 

ABC 6 NEWS spoke to community members who spent their Friday night at bars and restaurants. It was the last time they had the option to before the restrictions kick in. 

"I feel really bad for them. You know they worked really hard to try to do everything they can during a pandemic. And now they're getting hit again. I understand why they're doing it for the health of the community, but it doesn't help them pay their bills," Tyler Welhaven said. 

For many people, supporting a restaurant on the last day that they have indoor dining, was important for them.

"I feel bad that they have to shut down. It's going to be a burden on the business. But we do understand why it needs to happen. We need to be safe and stop the spread," Sheryl Willms said. 

For one customer at Wildwood Bar and Grill in Rochester, they say they will continue to support restaurants by ordering takeout. 

"I fully support the shutdown to get the COVID under control. When we shut down back in March, I probably ate more with takeout than I did when I went to the restaurants when they were open, so I will definitely do that again," Tonya Pleschourt said. 

For another customer, they acknowledge that Friday was their last day to dine in at a restaurant. She made the most of it. 

"I took the afternoon to come here and enjoy some family time and this will be the last time we will be able to do this for quite some time," Darcy Keyes said. 

Andy Moore was having drinks at Wildwood Bar and Grill with his friends. He hopes for the best for local restaurants and bars in the coming weeks. 

"They took it hard the first time and now they have to go through another round of it. We hope they can open again in four weeks," Moore said. 

Tom Welhaven says he understands what the Governor did. 

"I'm sorry for the people who try to make a business out of this. They have no control of what's going to happen and they're up to what the Governor says. I appreciate that he's trying to make things better but I feel sorry on the other hand," Welhaven said.

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