Meet three women administering Covid-19 vaccines

Rachel Mills
Created: March 31, 2021 06:47 PM

(ABC 6 News) - Here are the stories of three women actively working to put an end to this pandemic. 

Glenda Morris is a retired nurse living in Rochester who decided to volunteer with Olmsted County Public Health when she heard they needed help administering vaccines.

"I jokingly say it makes me feel like I'm a useful part of society again," Morris said. 

Karen Moyer is a nurse with Olmsted County Public Health. Administering vaccines has become part of her job with the county. 

"I have to say the county has just been fabulous in the amount of training they gave because being a vaccine nurse was not my typical day job," Moyer said. 

Sadie Swenson is the nurse manager at Olmsted County Public Health. She shared the stories of people coming through her vaccination station. 

"I had a person who wanted to give his vaccine to somebody else. So he qualified based on his tier, and he had a friend who didn't qualify yet and he wanted to give his vaccine to her. And that was so heartwarming. That we would want to do that. It's something we don't have control over here," Swenson said.

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