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Mayo Clinic on COVID-19 symptoms

Garrett Short
Updated: April 10, 2020 09:08 PM
Created: April 10, 2020 04:43 PM

(ABC 6 News) - COVID-19 has taken over the medical world, putting the symptoms of the virus under the microscope.

Mayo Clinic Emergency Medical Physician Dr. Casey Clements says that the virus is complex because it affects people differently. He says two of the most common symptoms are a fever and a cough. But other symptoms from diahrrea and changes in sense of smell and taste have occurred.

"The symptoms are like the symptoms of other things that we deal with all the time. As we're heading into allergy season we're developing some of these runny nose and upper respiratory symptoms and that can masquerade as COVID and vice versa," Clements said.

The severity of symptoms vary, but Clements says that most people can recover from COVID-19 from home. However, he says that precautions should be taken even within your own house. If you live with others, find a way to quarantine yourself to one room that has a bathroom attached to avoid spreading the virus.

For the people that are looking for medical attention, Clements says that if possible, call ahead.

"It's always helpful if you're going to go to an emergency department or your doctor's office that you call ahead beforehand to get instructions. We want to know when people are coming in order to keep staff and patients safe," Clements said.

Hospitals and medical centers are busy right now, but Clements says the most important thing is they are still taking care of people. He says people are worried about seeking medical help right now because they fear catching the virus, but he hopes people still get help when they need it.

"We've seen this all over the country that people are not coming to emergency departments or hospitals because either they believe they are full, or they believe they might be at risk by being in those places and that's not true. ED's and hospitals are clean places. We have infection control measures to prevent spread of this illness among patients," Clements said.

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