KM parent shares realities of the first day of distance learning

Talia Milavetz
Created: March 30, 2020 06:52 PM

(ABC 6 News) -- Students across the state of Minnesota started learning from home Monday, for the first official day of distance learning. 

In the Fay household, both parents are still working outside the home. But Kasson-Mantorville mom Staci Fay took Monday morning off of work, to help her four kids transition to distance learning. 


“I’ve got kids in elementary school, middle school, and high school,” said Fay.

Each child has different assignments and schedules, some with stricter deadlines than others. 

“My youngest middle schooler can just sign in for the day and just prove that he’s there and then throughout the day he can get his work done,” she said.

So far, his work has mostly been online videos and quick quizzes. 

“My older middle schooler is in the process of just joining with his classes but they’ve got specific times they want you to log on and be there with the teacher and class.”

Carving out a schedule that works for each kid hasn’t been easy since there aren’t enough devices to go around. 

“It’s been pretty chaotic. I’ve got two devices that work. One of them is working on the hotspot the other is working on unlimited data,” she said.

It’s a solution she’s had to find since they don’t have internet access in their rural home. 

 “We did know that the local internet company is offering free internet for the time being. However, we live in the country and them trying to get out here and get everything set up has not been quick,” she said.

Internet service won’t be available in her home for at least another two weeks. In the meantime, each kid is taking on more responsibility to manage their time and share with their siblings. 

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