The Interchange hosts 'Nail it to the Walz' event, community reacts |

The Interchange hosts 'Nail it to the Walz' event, community reacts

Devin Martin
Updated: January 30, 2021 12:04 AM
Created: January 29, 2021 05:22 PM

(ABC 6 News) - The owner of The Interchange Coffee Shop in Albert Lea has defied the governor time and time again. Now, she's doing it again, staging what she calls a peaceful protest Friday night.

This comes after the business has faced numerous fines and owner Lisa Hanson is now facing six misdemeanor charges of violating emergency powers from the Freeborn County District Court.

On Friday night, The Interchange paid the tabs of all the guests that walked through the door with the stimulus check Hanson received from the state.

The event was called ‘Nail It To The Walz’ Reopen Minnesota Patriotic Peaceful protest.

Hanson says she’s continuing this fight.

"I don't want anybody's money, I just want to be able to operate and do what we do well. When we have a tyrannical governor at the state level making unilateral decisions, that's unconstitutional. We need to stop this from happening in our state,” Hanson said.

And for the people at the event, they support Hanson.

Lucas Schuster, an Albert Lea resident said no matter what happens they will always support her. He even marched in the Reopen Minnesota protest with her earlier this month. 

"It's good to be supporting her. I was thinking on the way over here it doesn’t matter what I believe, it matters what I do and that's what I think rallies everybody around Lisa. She's believing in what she does,” Schuster said.

The event went through the night.

Sue Yost, the public health director in Freeborn County told ABC 6 News the Minnesota Department of Health handles enforcement of public health violations, meaning that local health officials will not get involved.

Angie Hanson, an Albert Lea resident says she’s concerned with the event Lisa Hanson hosted.

“I think that this whole thing tonight is a publicity stunt. Basically ‘Nail It to the Walz’ pretty much is trying to stick it to Governor Walz and normally if someone wants to make a stand, I support that and I support everyone’s freedom of speech but I doubt that they’re following precautions,” Angie Hanson said.

Angie Hanson says she worries about the widespread COVID-19 transmission this event could cause.

“I’m concerned that they’re not wearing masks or they’re exceeding capacity limits and so if somebody in there has COVID, everyone’s at risk in there,” Angie Hanson said.

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