Increase in mask use causes some people to get mask acne |

Increase in mask use causes some people to get mask acne

Created: September 14, 2020 06:55 AM

(ABC 6 NEWS) - Masks have become a part of our everyday lives, they have to be worn in public spaces or when social distancing is not possible, but masks are also causing problems for our skin. Many have begun to call this "maskne" or mask acne. 

Mayo Clinic Dermatologist, Dr. Dawn Davis has done some research on how to keep both your face and mask clean. She recommends that the mask should be a snug fit, but not too tight that it might injure your skin. Make sure your mask is not worn too loosely as well. Many people have noticed that masks can cause some people to have sensitive skin after wearing the mask. "This is due to friction from the masks, which we call acne mechanica or mechanical acne. As well as the collection of humification, moisture from breathing and speaking, as well as sweating behind the mask," Davis said. 

This acne can be treated and prevented in some ways, Davis says to make sure to remember basic skin care such as washing your face twice a day. People can also apply a non-acne causing lotion that is specifically for faces. "You can also remember to put a very thin layer of zinc oxide which can be found in over the counter diaper paste or sunscreens along the areas of the mask that tends to cause friction on your face. For most people, this ends up being where the pressure points are," Davis said. She also says to make sure people are washing their masks just like a piece of clothing you wear. If someone is trying these different steps and nothing is working, Davis says to contact their primary care provider.

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