Fitness equipment shortage continues

Garrett Short
Created: August 31, 2020 07:08 PM

(ABC 6 News) - Fitness equipment continues to be a hot commodity as stores strive to keep the shelves stocked during the pandemic.

Fitness equipment like dumbbells flew off the shelf at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Fitness Shoppe in Rochester has stayed busy in their 19 years of servicing gyms, schools and home gyms with equipment. But 2020 has been unlike anything store manager Cole Eastvold has ever seen.


"We were getting semis in, probably about 90,000 pounds of plate weight, dumbbells, etc, and we were going through that in the matter of a week," Eastvold said.

The speed that the equipment flew off the shelves is good for the store's finances, but eventually a problem arose: finding the equipment the store wanted to sell.

"It's obviously slowed down, but mainly due to inventory reasons. Honestly if we had just as much stuff to sell as back in March and April, we'd probably be doing the same amount," Eastvold said.

Stores are having a hard time finding equipment. The pandemic has affected people all over the world, so requests for equipment are being made from all over the globe, which is too high of a demand for the supply available.

"Factories overseas are now making masks or other items to help out. And then obviously since this is a worldwide issue, it's not just the states, you know, Canada, the UK. Those people are supplying the world and there's just not enough to go around," Eastvold said.

The Fitness Shoppe says they are still seeing a steady stream of customers, but they don't have the inventory available. Instead, certain items are being pre-ordered and will be available in January, possibly later.

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