Cerro Gordo Public Health announces information for phase 1b of COVID vaccine

Cerro Gordo Public Health announces information for phase 1b of COVID vaccine

Created: January 13, 2021 02:41 PM

(ABC 6 News) - Cerro Gordo County Public Health announced details for who would receive the COVID-19 vaccine in phase 1b.

The guidelines for Phase 1b focus on all Iowans who are age 75 and over and other high-risk populations who are most vulnerable to COVID-19 or at high-risk for illness as the result of a COVID-19 infection; these IDPH guidelines are in no order:

  • Individuals with disabilities who are dependent on attendant care staff living in home settings, and their attendant care staff, if not otherwise vaccinated under Phase 1a.
  • Correctional facility staff and individuals incarcerated, including state and city- or county-operated facilities.
  • Staff of and individuals living in congregate settings, not covered by the first two bullets, including shelters, sober living homes, behavioral health treatment centers, and detention centers. (College dormitories are not included as part of Phase 1b.)
  • Where public health data indicates outbreaks or clusters of disease among food, agriculture, distribution, and manufacturing workers working in or living in congregate settings that do not allow for social distancing. 
  • PK-12 school staff, early childhood education, and childcare workers (sub prioritization should consider those who work with younger and at-risk children to better ensure wellbeing and mitigate impact to parent workforce).
  • First responders (e.g., firefighters, police officers, and dependent adult abuse and child welfare social workers). 
  • Inspectors responsible for health, life, and safety, including those in hospital and long-term care settings, child, and food production safety.
  • Government officials, including staff, to ensure continuity of government, engaged in state business at the Iowa Capitol during the legislative session.

“The guidelines from the State for 1b, now allow us to plan for the next phase of vaccine while we finish vaccinating 1a,” states Director of CG Public Health, Brian Hanft. “I am inspired to see the amount of excitement from those who wish to be vaccinated, but please understand we cannot control the amount of vaccine allocated to us by IDPH.” 

Under the current IDPH vaccine shortage order, vaccine providers are required, by law, to only administer vaccines to individuals included in Phase 1a: Healthcare Personnel and Long-term care residents and staff. 

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