Any adult Iowan can now get the COVID-19 vaccine

Brett Bachtle
Updated: April 05, 2021 05:31 PM
Created: April 05, 2021 05:29 PM

(ABC 6 News)- The state of Iowa has expanded vaccine eligibility to include all Iowans age 16 and up.

Minnesota made the same move adding additional populations last week.

"Both my wife and I have had both shots and my younger son has had the first shot of Pfizer. We're waiting for the 12 to 16 Pfizer vaccination," said Peter Giebink of Minneapolis. "I think it's critical in terms of ending this pandemic."

Each year, Clear Lake resident Drew Davis avoids getting poked with the flu shot. She says she'll do the same with the coronavirus vaccine. Davis doesn't believe in them and says she hasn't gotten gotten sick without them.

"At the end of the day, it's always going to be your choice whether you want to get the vaccine or not. It doesn't make you a good person or a bad person, but you need to do what's right for your body," Davis said.

Mason City resident Mackenzie Dorsey has seen vaccination efforts first hand. She got her shot by volunteering at the clinic in Cerro Gordo County.

"I think everyone's ready to be back out and enjoying life and just kind of get back to some normalcy, so it's nice to be able to help kind of contribute to that," said Dorsey.

As access increases, Dorsey asks everyone to look beyond just themselves.

"Think about others and how you're helping the community and those around you, so it's not necessarily just for yourself, but for everyone else too," Dorsey said.

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