Action 4 Liberty President says, 'There's nothing more anti-democracy than one guy calling all the shots' |

Action 4 Liberty President says, 'There's nothing more anti-democracy than one guy calling all the shots'

Created: January 22, 2021 09:09 AM

(ABC 6 News) - Jake Duesenberg, president of Action 4 Liberty, talks to Betsy Singer about Governor Walz's executive powers. 

Jake Duesenberg is the president of the group called Action 4 Liberty. They have been around for about seven or eight years. And notably, my conversation with the governor last week, Jake, talking about his executive authority and the fact that the letter was sent to lawmakers saying that he would do away with his executive authority under covid and the peacetime emergency and that piece of the conversation, I wanted to get your response to that because you've taken kind of an issue with Attorney General Keith Ellison who was before the -- the state government finance committee this week? 

That is right. Yeah. He argued that what the governor is doing right now is law, which is just a complete abomination. That's not what our constitution says. Our constitution has separated powers. Only the legislature can create laws. Article 5, which is what the executive branch has in the constitution, does not allow the governor to unilaterally create laws, and that's a very important thing when these democrats talk about our democracy, we've got to protect our democracy. There's nothing more anti-democracy than one guy calling all the shots, and that's what's happening here. And so when I was watching the interview you did with him, I was just astounded by the fact that this guy believes he can continue on calling all the shots, and by the way, if the legislature follows what he says, then they can have their power back. That's not our system of government. We didn't have a pandemic that hey, late trade in all of our liberties, late just trade in our system of government. That's not an agreement we ever had had with governor Walz and so what I think he's doing is illegal and it's unconstitutional. 

BETSY SINGER:  But Jake, here's the deal: a lot of the protections, because of covid, because of the peacetime emergency, have been to make sure that people are able to stay in their homes. They can't be evicted am. And there's other executive orders that he's put out to protect Minnesotans against some of the things that could happen to them, and so that's the argument on the other side, and when I was interviewing him, I heard that and I thought that makes sense. 

Yeah, the keyword is could, could, right? Here's what we know. His lockdown order, his shutdown orders have actually caused damage. Things that we can prove in a court of law. We know that businesses have gone out of business because of his shutdown. We know that we could prove that bars and restaurants and gyms have lost a lot of their income because of his executive orders. His unilateral executive orders. 

So that is something that we know that the damage has been caused due to what he's done. He cannot prove that all of his measures have worked. I thnk a lot of people now realize lockdowns don't work at all. Actually, the sky-rocketing depression, even suicide rates, we need better mental health and his lockdowns are hurting people. So it's interesting that you say the word could because that's really all he can say is these could help our people, but the reality is we know what he's doing is actually hurting businesses, and it's hurting people in Minnesota.


Tell me what specifically you took issue with what Keith Ellison pelf had to say. 

He's the top legal officer in Minnesota, right? So he's supposed to interpret the supreme law of the land, the Minnesota constitution, and we have separated powers in our constitution just like the U.S. Constitution, Article 5 is the part that gives the executive branch, the governor, his powers. Nowhere in those powers does it say he can create laws. But the attorney general says he can, because he decrees it? That's insane.

They're making up rules as they go along, and that's illegal and unconstitutional, and that's got to stop because we're not ready to trade in this democratic form of government we have just because there's a pandemic. 


And there have been many attempts to take this to court. Some actions are still in litigation or being looked at. Others have been thrown out, in favor of the governor, and so then the argument there would be there hasn't been a basis for the argument that you have. 

Yeah, I love how people always say the court have decided this way. The courts also upheld slavery and segregation. Court aren't the final arbiters of what is the constitution or right or moral, right? That's why our organization, people can go to; we're focused on the legislature because really what's at stake here is our republic and form of government where a legislature creates the laws.

They have power, right?

And they need to get that power back, and there's an ability to pass a resolution in both the house and senate to do this very exact thing and governor Walz will lose his power, and that's where this needs to be resolved. Not in the court system. I would love to say that the judge is going to interpret the constitution the right way, but that often doesn't happen. And they generally are agents for big government. And that's hurting us, hurting Minnesotans, and you think that's wrong, so I think people need to focus where the real power lies, and that's within the people's representation, the statehouse and the senate. 

Well, we are keeping an eye on the resolution that is currently being debated by house and senate members, and we'll see if anything comes of it because I do know that an extension of this peacetime emergency is coming up yet again this month. With that said Jake, I appreciate your time. Thank you. 

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