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Walz requests help from other states ahead of Chauvin trial verdict

(ABC 6 News) - Monday, Governor Tim Walz issued a request under the federal Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) to bring assistance from Ohio and Nebraska to Minnesota in advance of the Derek Chauvin trial verdict. The EMAC support is part of the state’s response to requests for public safety assistance from local governments.

EXPLAINER: Did mask hamper Chauvin's image at murder trial?

The mask that former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin was required to wear during most of his trial in George Floyd 's death...

Prosecutor: Chauvin 'had to know' Floyd's life was in danger

Attorneys in the trial of a former Minneapolis police officer charged with killing George Floyd are set to make their closing arguments Monday...

Key events since George Floyd's arrest and death

A timeline of key events that began with George Floyd's arrest on May 25, 2020, by four police officers in Minneapolis...

Two Guardsmen had minor injuries after drive-by shooting

The Minnesota National Guard says team members had minor injuries after a drive-by shooting targeting National Guard members early Sunday morning.

In Minneapolis, armed patrol group tries to keep the peace

As protests intensified in the Minneapolis suburb where a police officer fatally shot Daunte Wright, a group of Black men joined the crowd intent on keeping the peace and preventing protests from escalating into violence.

Journalists allege police harassment at Minnesota protests

U.S. District Judge Wilhelmina Wright issued a temporary restraining order Friday prohibiting police at the protests in Brooklyn Center from arresting journalists or using force against them, including flash-bang grenades, nonlethal projectiles, pepper spray and batons, unless they know the person committed a crime.

Law enforcement: Around 100 people arrested Friday in connection with Brooklyn Center unrest

During a joint news conference with Operation Safety Net law enforcement leaders, Minnesota Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington said about 100 people were arrested in connection with Friday night's unrest. That's in contrast to zero arrests the night before.

Black Americans experiencing collective trauma, grief

That collective mourning is a great concern to experts and medical professionals who consider the intersectionality of racism and various forms of trauma impacting communities of color a serious public health crisis facing America.

Chicago police critics call for charges in shooting of boy

Some viewers have called for Stillman to be charged or fired. But for others, the video shows how difficult such decisions might be for prosecutors and police higher-ups, with an officer making a quick decision to shoot after chasing a suspect down a dark alley while responding to a report about gunshots.

Black soldier mistreatment common even before Virginia case

The episode was a grim reminder to many Black Americans that even being in military uniform doesn't necessarily protect them from mistreatment by police. Further, there's a long history of violence against veterans and service members of color, whose military status was seen by some as a provocation.

Derek Chauvin will not testify, defense rests case as closing arguments scheduled for Monday

Chauvin has made the court aware that he will not testify in this case, choosing to invoke his Fifth Amendment privilege. 

LIVE VIDEO: Defense could wrap arguments as soon as Thursday in Chauvin trial

The defense could wrap up their arguments as soon as Thursday in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.

Defense expert blames George Floyd's death on heart trouble

The judge at Derek Chauvin's murder trial Wednesday turned down a defense request to acquit the former officer in George Floyd's death.

Expert says cop was justified in pinning down George Floyd

The defense for a former Minneapolis police officer charged in George Floyd's death was set to start presenting its case Tuesday, following 11 days.

George Floyd's brother sheds tears on the stand

The judge in the George Floyd murder case refused a defense request to immediately sequester the jury Monday, the morning after the killing of a Black man during a traffic stop triggered unrest in a suburb just outside Minneapolis.

Police: Minnesota officer meant to draw Taser, not handgun

The family of a 20-year-old Minnesota man told a crowd that he was shot by police Sunday before getting back into his car and driving away, then crashing the vehicle several blocks away. The family of Daunte Wright said he was later pronounced dead.

For Chauvin's trial attorney, it's all about raising doubt

Derek Chauvin's defense attorney was questioning George Floyd's girlfriend about the couple buying drugs when he abruptly shifted gears for what seemed an innocuous question: He presumed the couple had pet names for each other. Under what name, he asked, did she appear in Floyd's phone? Courteney Ross first smiled at the question, then paused before replying: "Mama."

Ex-officer's trial in Floyd's death shows courtroom tactics

Some strategies and terms that have become part of Derek Chauvin's trial are rare outside criminal courtrooms. The Associated Press has taken closer looks into them to better explain what viewers are seeing and hearing.

Medical examiner blames police pressure for Floyd's death

Another medical expert Friday blamed George Floyd's death on the way police held him down, as an attorney for former Officer Derek Chauvin pressed the witness...