PETA purchases stock in Hormel to pressure the company to produce only vegan meats |

PETA purchases stock in Hormel to pressure the company to produce only vegan meats

Brett Bachtle
Updated: May 07, 2020 05:41 PM
Created: May 07, 2020 04:49 PM

(ABC 6 News) - The organization, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is now a stockholder of Hormel Foods. PETA says they want to pressure the company into producing only vegan products.

“In the midst of all these slaughterhouse closures across the country because workers are infected with the coronavirus, PETA has bought stock in six major companies that own slaughterhouses,” said PETA senior campaigner Amber Canavan.

“We’re buying so we can speak directly to the heads of the companies in their shareholder meetings.”

The other corporations PETA has invested in include, Tyson, Sanderson Farms, Maple Leaf Foods, Oscar Mayer’s parent company Kraft Heinz, and WH Group (owner of Smithfield).

PETA claims the plants are a breeding ground for diseases such as COVID-19. Which is why they want the production of meats to come to a halt.

“It’s not like you got a supermarket in your backyard. We need good proteins to keep our people healthy and to feed the world,” said Hormel Foods Austin plant employee Rodney Ryks.

PETA says the switch would not only save the lives of countless animals, but that it would also improve the health of those working inside the plants.

“We’re saying there’s a better way. We can grow plants, eat plants, and do away with many of the health problems, the worker problems, and the environmental problems just by transitioning to producing and eating healthy vegan foods instead,” Canavan said.

PETA says that many of the meatpacking companies have already increased their production of vegan meat during this time. They hope that their latest move will help complete that transition.

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