Mower County fatal crash update |

Mower County fatal crash update

Updated: February 22, 2021 10:35 PM
Created: February 22, 2021 09:52 PM

(ABC 6 News)-- A woman died over the weekend in a crash in Mower County. 

Authorities now say they found four people at the scene of the accident Saturday night.

"I feel like Mikayla was truly the definition of a best friend, like your soulmate – that person who is a once in a lifetime type of friend. I'm so glad i had a friend like that," says Taylor Fahnle.

Taylor Fahnle found a friend in Mikayla Sherman. From a young age, the two were inseparable. They played ball and eventually were bridesmaids.

"We just had such a unique relationship. I think to myself, I'm so lucky that I had a friend like Mikayla," Fahnle said.

Over the weekend, tragedy struck. Mikayla was killed by a driver while on County road 46 in Austin.

"I'm still in disbelief." Fahnle says Mikayla worked at Gerard Academy, a mental health facility close to the scene of the accident.

A nearby neighbor says  it's not uncommon for residents to run from the facility and that drivers tend to speed down County road 46.

"There were two juvenile individuals involved with this incident who had resided within a residential treatment facility within our community," said Mower County Sheriff Steve Sandvik.

"We now believe a minimum of three people were struck by a vehicle. I can say that with confidence. I can't say whether a fourth person was struck by a vehicle."

Mower County Sheriff Steve Sandvik now says four people were involved in the incident. Two juveniles and two adult female with one being Mikayla.

"The first priority is the health and safety of everyone and everyone's response was to try to save lives," Sandvik said.

"She is a true hero and when I hear about how she passed away, I'm like, that is Mikayla. She is a hero she was helping someone else. It's just heroic of her and that just is so fitting to who she is as a person." 

Sandvik also says the young woman taken to the hospital Saturday night is able to speak with staff.

As for the driver of the vehicle, Sandvik says he has been cooperative and that there is no negligence in this case or criminal activity.

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