Severe Weather Awareness |

Severe Weather: Extreme Heat

Extreme heat does not only affect the human body, it also can have a drastic impact on the environment.

Severe Weather: Tornadoes

Peak tornado season in Minnesota occurs in May and June; but as we learned last December 15, they can happen well beyond that.

Minnesota Statewide Tornado Drill Thursday

As Severe Weather Awareness Week goes on in Minnesota, Thursday's topic is tornadoes. 

Severe Weather: Alerts & Warnings

The statewide tornado drill will take place at 1:45 pm and 6:45 pm Thursday, April 7.

Severe Weather: Lightning and Hail

Severe thunderstorms can see hailstones the size of a ping-pong ball or even rarely a baseball. 

Severe Weather: Flooding

According to the National Weather Service, flooding is the number one cause of thunderstorm-related deaths in the U.S., killing about 100 people each year.