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Future of Policing

EXPLAINER: Will Chauvin’s prison experience remain unusual?

Former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin has been sentenced to more than 22 years in prison for the murder of George Floyd. But it’s not clear yet what Chauvin’s experience will look like.

Protest erupts again over man killed by Minnesota deputies

Protesters faced off with officers in Minneapolis early Saturday over the shooting death of a Black man by members of a U.S. Marshals task force.

U.S. Attorney's Office explains what the North Star Fugitive Task Force is all about

What is the North Star Fugitive Task Force? The U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Minnesota sent out information on Saturday to spread awareness to the public on what this agency is all about.  

Police de-escalation trainer's background raises concerns

Des Moines police are facing pushback after putting a sergeant who has been disciplined for excessive force on a five-person team that leads de-escalation training.

Dodge County Sheriff's Dept. focused on serving community using technology

The Dodge County Sheriff's Department is incorporating more technology to best serve their citizens.

ABC6 Special Report: "The Weight of the Badge"

Over the past couple of years, conversations about police reform have echoed across the country.  Now departments across the state are struggling to hire and retain officers.  Some are struggling with worse....officer suicides.

Rochester Police Department welcomes eight new officers

When training began back in September, you could see the fire in the eyes of eight new recruits anxious to protect and serve. 

The Blue Perspective: Use of Force

Use of force is one of the most criticized tactics in police agencies around the world. 

Rochester PD opens up about policing in 2020

The world is looking at law enforcement in a different light, following the death of George Floyd. However, for many in the Black community, unjust, profiling and fear is the only thing they've ever known. 

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