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Moms in the Morning

Moms in the Morning
What is your favorite thing to do with your kids?
We enjoy walks around the neighborhood in the summer months, trips to the cabin and going on adventures in SE Minnesota. But my favorite moments of the day with them are when all is calm, and we are just relaxing on the couch, together.

What is your sleep schedule like during the week?
Since I don't get a normal stretch of sleep on a weeknight, my goal is to get two naps in a day. I usually sleep for two to three hours when I get home from work, do the mommy thing, and then sleep for about four hours before going in to work.

Beer, wine, whisky, or cocktails?
A good cocktail, glass of wine or a craft brew are always welcome in my book! My husband is a bartender, so he is always experimenting with new products and I don't mind being his Guinea pig! We love that Minnesota is becoming a bustling state for breweries and love visiting them and supporting their endeavors!

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What's a good theme song for your life?
"Just Another day in Paradise" by Phil Vassar... Things are always crazy around my house, but I'm blessed beyond words and wouldn't change our crazy life for anything.

What's your biggest pet peeve?
When people use the wrong there/their/they're, your/you're, or to/two/too!

What are your tricks to manage home/work life balance?
If anyone has actually mastered this, please let me know. I still feel like I'm "winging it" most of the time. Haha. But really, I couldn't do it without my husband, Bill. He is a huge help and takes on (probably more than) his share of the work around the house and he keeps me sane when things get crazy.

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What is your favorite part about your job?
My team. We work so well together it's great. There's no egos, we're all supportive of each other. And the off-air conversations are sometimes hilarious to even serious stuff. With all three of us having small kids, we have so many similar life experiences and we lean on each other to be stronger.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
Strong people, especially strong women, are my inspiration. I love hearing stories of when another woman is told she can't and then she says "watch me".
I remember when I transferred high schools I was put into a lower level math class than I should have been. I recognized it the first week and talked to the teacher. He said to me "No. Girls aren't that good at math." So I aced all his tests and even took the extra credit. I ended up with 114% in his class. It was my own personal "watch me" moment.

What's your favorite TV show?
Thomas and Friends. Can you tell who has control over the TV these days? :)

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