Captain John DeGeorge of the Fillmore County Sheriff's Office

Fillmore County Sheriff Tom Kaase Talks about Lack of Endorsement from Deputy Association

In-depth at 6:30 Brings in Two Republican Candidates Running for 1st Congressional District

Ellison Responds to Domestic Abuse Allegations

President Trump Says Republicans Should Run On His Record

In-Depth: Jeff Johnson and Political Ads
With Scant Record, Supreme Court Nominee Elusive On Abortion
Trump Proposes Rollback of Obama-era Gas Mileage Requirements
Accountants Expected to Testify in Manafort Trial
In-depth with Gubernatorial Candidates (Part 1)
In-depth with Gubernatorial Candidates (Part 2)
In-depth with Gubernatorial Candidates (Part 3)
New York Prosecutors Eye Illicit Foreign Lobbying
Senate Rejects New Money for Election Security
FBI Agent Describes Raid on Manafort's Condo
Facebook Finds 'Sophisticated' Efforts to Disrupt Elections
Jury Selection Underway for Former Trump Campaign Manager

Election News

Lesser-known Democrats seek breakthrough in Iowa
Top 2020 Democrats missing in Iowa but working backchannel
Warren: Criminal justice system 'racist'...'front to back'
Black man accuses Sean Spicer of hurling racial slur at him
Avenatti to attend event frequented by presidential hopefuls
The Latest: Cohen lawyer: 'Spin' can't change what's on tape
Worries of violence accompany 2020 GOP convention choice
Trump was taped talking of paying for Playboy model's story
Republicans pick Charlotte to host 2020 convention
By a 1-vote margin, city leaders OK bid for GOP convention
Woman Arrested, Charged with Acting as Russian Agent in US
President Trump, Putin Comment on Russia Probe at Press Conference

White House

Manafort's defense rests after calling no witnesses

Secret audio? In Trump world, there's always a tape
Trump warns Cuomo: Anybody who runs against me 'suffers'
Gates testimony dredges up Trump inaugural spending mystery
Trump warns Cuomo: Anybody who runs against me 'suffers'

Supreme Court

Lawmakers impeach all 4 W.Va. court justices over spending

The Latest: West Virginia Justice Loughry impeached
Memo shows Kavanaugh resisted indicting a sitting president
The Latest: Memo shows Kavanaugh opposed indicting president

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