1st Woman to Serve on SCOTUS Likely in Beginning Stages of Dementia

1st Woman to Serve on SCOTUS Likely in Beginning Stages of Dementia

Explosive Device Found Near George Soros' Home

Debate Night: Shaun Palmer vs. Judy Hickey for Rochester City Council Ward 5

The Latest: Mnuchin meets with embattled Saudi crown prince

President Trump Says He's Reducing Central American Aid

Growing Caravan of Migrants Pushes Deeper Into Mexico
New Video Shows 'body double' of Khashoggi in Istanbul
MN Attorney General Candidates Address Several Key Issues
Gubernatorial Candidates Walz & Johnson Square Off in Heated Debate
U.S. Senate Candidates Klobuchar & Newberger Face Off in Primetime Debate
Candidate Interview: Special Election Candidate Karin Housley
Warren Ancestry Highlights How Tribes Decide Membership
President Trump says the U.S. Pulling Out of Nuke Pact
Primetime Debate on Sunday at ABC 6
Democrats Lead Republicans In Fundraising Ahead of Midterms
President Trump: Saudi Arrests in Khashoggi Death 'A Good First Step'
President Trump Threatens Retaliation if Honduran Immigrants Continue Migration

Election News

Kamala Harris: Midterms a fight for 'the best of who we are'
Kamala Harris in South Carolina: 'Fight for ... who we are'
Manafort to be sentenced in February; appears in wheelchair
Booker gets a warm welcome from South Carolina Democrats
Booker stirs South Carolina Democrats in pre-midterm debut
Democrat Julian Castro says he'll 'likely' run in 2020
2020 Democrats building ties to power brokers in key states
South Carolina swarmed by potential Democratic candidates
Democratic presidential prospects swarm South Carolina
Trump prays for hurricane victims, criticizes Democrats
Democrats warily eye Avenatti's flirtation with 2020 bid
California Sen. Harris cites Kavanaugh 'sham' in vote pitch

White House

VP Pence: Khashoggi's death will not go without US response

Trump vilifies caravan, says he'll cut Central American aid
China-US ties sinking amid acrimony over trade, politics
Trump blasts caravan, says he's cutting Central American aid
CNN's Jim Acosta calls for Trump to halt media attacks

Supreme Court

The Latest: O'Connor says she likely has Alzheimer's

Sandra Day O'Connor announces likely Alzheimer's diagnosis
Supreme Court: Ross can't be questioned in census suit
AP Exclusive: Sandra Day O'Connor withdraws from public life

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