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Morning Trivia Challenge

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Winners of the ABC 6 NEWS GOOD MORNING TRIVIA CHALLENGE will receive a certificate to Subway for a FREE regular 6 inch sub Sandwich.


Today is National Mole Day! But what kind of Mole are we celebrating?

Today is National Nut Day! True or False: The peanut is not actually a nut.

Today is National Kentucky Day. True or False: There is NOT a National Day for Minnesota or Iowa.

Today is "Chocolate Cupcake Day"! A dog by the name of Cupcake is a Guinness World Record Holder because she is the...

Today is Hagfish Day! What is a hagfish?

Today is Boss's Day! According to a December 2017 Forbes article, what percentage of people think they can do a better job than their boss?

Today is National Cheese Curd Day! True or False: You must have a license to make cheese in Wisconsin.

True or False: Dr. Seuss played a role in the development and early life of the Berenstain Bears books.

According to, in 2005, Winnie the Pooh was ranked as the 2nd most valuable fictional character. Which fictional character was more valuable?

When he was a child, Christopher Robin Milne named Winnie the Pooh, after a real bear at the London Zoo.

After the turn of the century, Teddy Bears gained in popularity because of a story involving this famous Theodore.

Only this statement is true about the word Abstentious.

Uncopyrightables is a very unique word for many reasons except...

A sesquipedalianist is a person who?