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Morning Trivia Challenge

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Winners of the ABC 6 NEWS GOOD MORNING TRIVIA CHALLENGE will receive a certificate to Subway for a FREE regular 6 inch sub Sandwich.


Which member of The Beatles grew up near a place called Strawberry Fields, in Liverpool?

What is a more common name for a "lexicon"?

Written valentines didn't start to appear until after what year?

About how much is spent on candy alone in the U.S. for Valentine's Day?

In past years, about how much money is spent on Valentine's Day in the U.S.?

Which state has the longest Main Street in America?

Where is the only active diamond mine in the United States located?

The largest production of maple syrup in the U.S. comes from what state?

What state produces the most crayfish, which are harvested in the world?

Which girlfriend was the song "Peggy Sue" named after?

How old was Richie Valens when he died in the plane crash, along with Buddy Holly, "The Big Bopper", & their pilot Roger Peterson?

Where was Buddy Holly's plane going, "the day the music died"?

What state has the nickname, "The Treasure State"?

Where is the International Tennis Hall of Fame Located?

The larget ship on the Great Lakes, the Paul R. Tregurtha, calls this state its home port.