Youth commission initiative aims to highlight green businesses

(ABC 6 News) – The Rochester-Olmsted youth commission is made up of high school students who focus on a variety of topics, one of those being the environment.

Many may be familiar with eco-friendly choices such as using LED lightbulbs, printing double-sided, and using bicycles or public transit for transportation.

However, these students are looking to highlight small businesses doing big things for the environment.

"We’ve been working on an initiative to recognize local businesses that have been taking strides towards sustainability," said Cate Stacy, Rochester-Olmsted youth commission.

Wednesday’s meeting focused on creating a grading system, recognizing local businesses. There is a bronze, silver, and gold award for sustainability.

"Our green business recognition program that we developed is a great program for small businesses to be more sustainable," Stacy said.

Old Abe coffee shop and Central Bark are two businesses in Rochester included in the initiative,

The youth commission is actively looking for more businesses to take part in.