Woman ticketed for assault on Civic Center drive

(ABC 6 News) – Rochester police responded to an assault report at 8:26 a.m. Tuesday, May 24.

A 20-year-old woman told officers she had pulled up to a crosswalk at Civic Center Drive and 1st Street SE as the crosswalk sign began to blink, indicating pedestrian crossing.

The woman said she stopped to allow pedestrians to cross the street, when the woman behind her honked.

The 20-year-old gestured that she was allowing pedestrians to cross, and said the driver, a young woman, exited her car and began to scream at her.

The car, which had not been placed in park, reportedly rolled forward and hit the 20-year-old’s vehicle.

After the crosswalk cleared, the first woman pulled forward and parked her car to check for damage.

The other driver pulled up behind her and reportedly screamed at the victim, punched her repeatedly, and pulled her hair.

A passenger in the first driver’s car separated the women, and both drove away.

The victim called police to report the attack, and her account was corroborated with security footage in the area and witness reports.

Suspect Dominique Christensen, 21, also called the police to tell “her side of the issue,” RPD Capt. Casey Moilanen said. She claimed that her car did not roll into the victim’s, and said the first driver attacked her.

Christensen was accused of misdemeanor 5th-degree assault and ticketed. Moilanen said Rochester police do not usually take suspects into custody for misdemeanor offenses.

ABC 6 News generally does not identify victims in minor cops/crime reports.