Wildwood Sports Bar & Grill gives back to teachers with new promo

(ABC 6 News) – As we near the end of the school year, Wildwood Sports Bar & Grill is making an effort to give teachers a little extra appreciation.

The new "Buy a Teacher a Beer" promo is happening during the month of May. Beverages can be redeemed through June 25th. You just ask the server to add a $5 gift to your bill and you can write a fun message to area teachers. The Wildwood staff will do the rest.

"I think it’s important to take care of our teachers. They are the ones that are bringing up our kids and they are the ones teaching our kids," said Jim Nicholas, owner of Wildwood Sports Bar & Grill in Rochester, and Byron.

"Our kids spend a long time each day with them, giving them the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ in this form is a nice way."

So far Wildwood has sold about 100 gifts. Teachers can visit either location and show them their school I.D. to receive a complimentary beer.