Triton High School hosts first-ever Mental Health Fair for students

(ABC 6 NEWS) – May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and on Tuesday students at Triton High School had a chance to learn new skills and techniques to help them thrive.

23 organizations came from all over to teach students about services they can access like therapy and the crisis center, but also learn skills like yoga.

"This one I picked out is my favorite it spoke to me out of all the cards that I picked out," Triton High School Senior, Kimberly Valdez-Miranda said. She added, "It says self-care is my priority because I personally do a lot of self-care for myself to help me with my mental health."

The school hopes highlighting mental health awareness can help decrease the stigma and help address the students’ needs.

"It is really helpful for students to know more about this stuff so it is not like something that we can push to the side because this is something that we should all talk about too even parents and family and stuff so this is really important," Valdez-Miranda said.

While this was the first Mental Health Fair for students, many said they hope to see more in the future.