Trial begins for 2nd defendant in the 2019 shooting death of Garad Roble

(ABC 6 News) – Jury selection has begun for a Rochester man facing a 2nd degree murder charge for his alleged involvement in the 2019 shooting death of Garad Roble.

Ayub Iman, 25, confirmed that he would not take a plea deal offered by the state.

That deal offered a prison sentence of 50-81 months (4.17 to 6.75 years) in exchange for a guilty plea of aiding and abetting homicide after the fact.

Iman is charged with one count of 2nd degree murder with intent-not premeditated (aiding/abetting), and has pleaded not guilty.

The state is expected to present large volumes of cell phone records that allegedly place Iman and his co-defendant, Muhidin Abukar, with Roble the night that he died.

Abukar’s trial was in December 2021, and ended in a mistrial after 18 hours of jury deliberation. Abukar’s retrial has been scheduled for May 16.

Olmsted County attorney Mark A. Ostrem, representing the state of Minnesota, requested that judge Christina K. Stevens remind the jury of their duty to be aware of implicit bias early in the trial.

Implicit bias is an unconscious prejudice or favoritism toward people of certain races, genders, or social groups that could skew a juror’s perception of the case.

On Monday, attorney James McGeeney, representing Iman, said he would object to the use of several autopsy photos in the trial, as graphic material could turn the jury against Iman.

Iman’s trial is expected to take roughly a week based on witness availability.