Toward Zero Deaths looks toward the future, plans on how to prevent traffic deaths

(ABC 6 News) – There have been 86 deaths so far this year on Minnesota roads.

Toward Zero Deaths is a statewide program where organizers educate people to prevent traffic fatalities, and now they have new strategies to prevent even more traffic fatalities from happening.

According to Toward Zero Deaths, there were 488 traffic fatalities in Minnesota last year. By 2025, organizers hope that number is no more than 225.

And in order to reach that goal, TZD has two new approaches, The Safe System Approach and Traffic Safety Culture.

"If you look around in your communities, you know that most people are wearing their seatbelts, they’re driving safe speeds, they’re getting a sober ride home. Those are some of the messages we want to get out into the community, to reinforce those positive behaviors," Kristine Hernandez, Toward Zero Deaths Program Coordinator said.

Think of it like this, people like Kristine Hernandez want to help design a road that when people make a mistake on that road, it won’t be a deadly one.

And when you’re ready to get behind the wheel, organizers say to ask yourself this question. Who do you think of before you get behind the wheel?