The future of the Chateau Theatre

(ABC 6 NEWS) – The Rochester City Council is one step closer to creating a plan with what to do with the empty Chateau Theatre that sits in Peace Plaza.

On Monday night, the council met for a study session to hear from three potential operators of the historic theatre.

The council heard from CET, Barlow and Vanhook, and Threshold Arts.

Some suggestions included a retail store, gallery exhibitions, theatre, and a cafe.

"I get a little concerned when we mix and match pieces from different proposals cause then it becomes a really good avenue for saying I didn’t purpose that and when it is unsuccessful and then walking away and saying well it was the council’s fault for re-envision what the proposal was after we submitted it," said City Council member, Nick Campion.

The council now plans to take the operator recommendations to a future city council meeting and that is where they plan to make a decision based on the feedback from Monday night.

The next city council meeting is set for Nov. 1.