Sweet Reads continuing to add collections to rotating museum

(ABC 6 NEWS) – Sweet Reads bookstore in Austin once held the world’s largest Berenstain Bears collection, but once that closed the owner decided to add something new.

Lisa Deyo is the owner of Sweet Reads bookstore. Once the Berenstain Bears collection was packed up and sent back to the owner, she got to work to bring in a rotating museum called the Sweet Collections.

Since 2021 she’s had different collections come to her bookstore.

She had a hot wheels collection and Russian art, now you catch the Star Wars collection until July at Sweet Reads.

Coulter Wood is the owner of the Star Wars Sweet Collection.

He brought in just a portion of his collection from puzzles to movie scripts.

If you have a collection you’d like to share with Deyo, you can contact her at Sweet Reads at (507) 396-8660.