Sleeping person evacuated from a fire Sunday

(ABC 6 NEWS) – One person was evacuated from their apartment following a fire in Rochester on Sunday.

The Rochester Fire Department said they responded to 509 2nd street Northwest where they got the call for smoke alarms sounding in a first floor apartment.

Someone who lives above that resident told fire crews the person’s smoke alarm had been going off for 30 minutes.

RFD tried to make contact with the first-floor occupant, but there was no answer after repeated knocks, and the door was locked.

A firefighter noticed a flickering light from the kitchen which they say, looked like flames.

Crews then forced their way into the apartment, where they noticed smoke and visible flames coming from the pot on top of a stove top burner.

A search of the apartment was done where they discovered someone sleeping in the bedroom.

They were evacuated from the structure, a dog and cat were also removed from the apartment.

The structure was ventilated, there are no injuries.

Damage to the stove top burner is $200.